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Tender Notice No. e-03 /PCH/APGENCO/2012


Department Name

Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation Limited


Circle/Division Name

Chief Engineer Electricity / Projects /APGENCO Vidyut Soudha, Hyderabad.


Tender Notice No.

e- 03/PCH/APGENCO/2012


Name of Work

Design, Manufacture, Testing at Manufacturer works, Inspection before dispatch (by APGENCO representative/Third Party), Delivery at site, Erection, testing and commissioning of 1No. advanced Numerical Protection relay panels along with recommended spares for Generator, Generator Transformer and Unit Auxiliary Transformer for unit-3 of Lower Sileru Power House, Mothugudem-507113, Khammam District.


Estimated Contract Value



Delivery period

With in 60 Days from the date of issue of purchase order / LOI. The erection, testing & commissioning of numerical relay panels for unit-3 shall be completed within 15 days from the date of intimation of readiness of site.


Form of Contract



Tender Type

Open tender


Tender Category

Common Products / Services


Transaction Fee Payble to M/s APTS.' payable at Hyderabad (As per G.O. Ms No 10&11, Dtd 23.07.2010 IT&C Dept) : including service tax

0.03% on the Estimated value online with a cap of Rs.10,000/- for quoted value upto Rs.50 Crores and Rs.25, 000/- if the Estimated value is above Rs.50 Crores & service taxand bank charges as applicableor as levied by Govt. from time to time on the transaction fee through online.


Bid Security (EMD)

Rs.10,000/- by way of Demand Draft. The PEMD holders need not furnish separate EMD. However they should upload a copy of PEMD approval issued by the competent authority.


Bid Security Payable to

DD drawn on Nationalized Bank in favour of "Pay Officer, APGENCO, Vidyut Soudha, Hyderabad - 82"payable at Hyderabad.


Process Fee

Not Applicable


Schedule Available Date & Time

11-05 -2012,17.00 Hrs.


Schedule Closing Date &Time

12 - 06 -2012,17.00 Hrs.


Bid Submission closing Date & time

13 - 06 -2012,15.00 Hrs.


Bid Submission



Bid Validity

180 days from the date of opening of the Bid


Pre Bid Meeting

Not Applicable


Pre Qualification/ Tech. Bid Opening Date

14 - 06 -2012,15.00 Hrs.


Price Bid Opening Date & Time

30- 06 -2012 at 15.00 Hrs


Eligibility Criteria

1) The Bidder shall be Original Equipment manufacturer (OEM) and shall have an experience of at least 5 (Five) years in the manufacture and supply of New Advanced Numerical type Generator Protection relay panels.

2) Bidders having manufacturing facilities of New Advanced Numerical type Generator Protection relay panels in INDIA shall only participate in the tender.

3) The bidder should have designed, manufactured, shop tested, supplied, tested & commissioned successfully the New Advanced Numerical type Generator Protection relay panels for at least two organizations in INDIA during last five years and shall be in operation satisfactorily at least for two years as on the date of bid submission. Satisfactory service certificates issued by the end users shall be enclosed indicating the satisfactory operation.

4) The bidder should have an annual turn over of not less than Rs.60Lakhs for at least one year during the last '3' years. The bidder should enclose copies of the audited financial statements of the last '3' years so as to prove the financial capacity of the bidder to execute the order.


Place of Opening of Tenders

In the chambers of Superintending Engineer, O&M/HYDRO, APGENCO,3rd Floor, Projects Wing, A-Block, Vidyut Soudha, Hyderabad-500082, Andhra Pradesh.


Officer Inviting Bids

Superintending Engineer, O&M/Hydro APGENCO,3rd Floor, Projects Wing, A- Block, Vidyut Soudha, Hyderabad-500082, Andhra Pradesh.



Superintending Engineer, O&M/Hydro, APGENCO,

3rd Floor, Projects Wing, A- Block, Vidyut Soudha, Hyderabad-500082, Andhra Pradesh


Contact Details

Phone : (040) 23499801, 317,Fax : (040) 23499399


Procedure for bid submission

a) The tender should be in the prescribed forms which can be obtained from 'e' procurement platform from the date of electronic publication up to the time and date indicated in the tender notice.The intending bidders shall enroll themselves on the 'e' procurement market-place www.eprocurement.gov.in. Those contractors who register themselves in the 'e' procurement market place can download the tender schedules free of cost. The bidder shall authenticate the bid with his digital certificate for submitting the bid electronically on e- procurement platform and the bids not authenticated by digital certificate of the bidder will not be accepted on the e-procurement platform following the G.O.Ms.No.6, I.T&C Department, dated. 28-2-2005.

b) Intending bidders can contact office of the Superintending Engineer, O&M/Hydro, APGENCO, Vidyut Soudha,Hyderabad-500082 for any clarification / information on any working day during working hours.

c) The bidders who are desirous of participating in e- procurement shall submit their technical bids, price bids etc., in the standard formats prescribed in the tender documents, displayed at "e" market place.The bidders should invariably upload the statement showing the list of documents etc., in the "e" market place in support of their Technical bids.The bidder should upload scanned copies of all relevant certificates including EMD/PEMD.All the supporting documents are to be uploaded in one file.

d) If any tenderer fails to submit original DD/BG for EMD, hard copies of uploaded documents on or before the stipulated time prior to issue of LOI/Purchase order , the tenderer will be suspended/disqualified from participating in the tenders on e- procurement platform for a period of 12(Twelve) months from the date of bid submission. The suspension of tenderer shall be automatically enforced by the e- procurement system.


Statutory Requirements

The Tenderer shall fulfill the following statutory requirements. Income tax Clearance Certificate: Furnishing of income tax certificate is dispensed with; however the contractor shall furnish their copy of Permanent Account Number (PAN) card and copy of latest income tax returns submitted along with the other documents as and when called for.


Other Payments to be made

Apart from the Bid Security (EMD) the tenderer shall be liable to pay the following amounts.

a) Corpus Fund: Successful bidder has to pay Corpus fund @ 0.04% with a cap of Rs.10,000/- for quoted value upto Rs.50 Crores and Rs.25,000/- if the quoted value is above Rs.50 Crores, through demand draft in favour of the Managing Director, APTS, Hyderabad. The same has to be submitted to APGENCO at the time of concluding agreement/ prior to receipt of purchase order


Documents to be submitted (Hard copies) to the Tender inviting authority

The bidder should furnish all the hard copies of the information uploaded by him so as to receive by the tender inviting authority within in the stipulated date as communicated by the tender inviting authority.


Other relevant information

1)APGENCO reserves the right to reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reasons there of.

2)APGENCO reserves the right to amend or modify the tender and its conditions before last date/time for submission of bids.

3)Any other condition regarding receipt of tenders in conventional method appearing in the tender documents may please be treated as not applicable.

4)The contractors are requested to submit the original DDs along with other hard copies required as soon as requested by the tender inviting authority.

For all clarifications & guidance, the bidders may contact the Superintending Engineer, O&M/Hydro, Projects wing /APGENCO, Vidyut Soudha, Hyderabad - 500 082.


Submission of Transaction fee

 In Compliance to the GO.Ms.13 IT & C Dept dated 07-05-2006, the Online Payment facility for payment of Transaction fee for tenders processed in e-Procurement platform is made available to the participating bidders. The platform www.eprocurement.gov.in has already enabled the online payment services from 13.07.2006 but has been extending the mandatory dates on the request of the suppliers to give them sufficient time to apply for credit cards or to open current accounts with Net banking facility at ICICI or HDFC Banks.Go.Ms.11 dt. 05.05.2007 is also issued to enable direct debit facility to the users through Axis Bank also.
The Online payment facility will help the participating bidders to a great extent as it eliminates submission of hard copies for the Transaction fees to the Tender Inviting Authority, which has been a pain point to the bidders as delay or lapse in submission of the hard copies would entail disqualification / Suspension of bidder and automatic deactivation of the defaulting bidders user account on the recommendation of the Tender Inviting Authority on these grounds. The Govt is also planning to bring online payment facility of EMD amounts in the near future though Internet banking.
The Govt. has decided to make mandatory online payment of Transaction fee with effect from 02-02-2007. All the suppliers and contractors are requested to immediately avail online payment of transaction fee through the payment gateway facility so as not to face any inconvenience with effect from 15 January 2007. The bidders could make online transaction using any MASTER/VISA credit card issued by any bank or through Net banking accounts with ICICI, HDFC and AXIS Banks.


Superscription on Tender Cover ( Hard Copy)

(i) Specification No

(ii) Name of the Work

(iii) Due Date and Time of Opening

(iv) EMD PARTICULARS/ P E.M.D Certificate No.

(v) Validity of the Tender


Consignee & Destination

Asst. Divisional Engineer/ O&M Stores/Polluru,LSHES/ Mothugudem / Khammam Dt. 507113



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